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Online Reporting of Non-Emergency Incidents

Report Emergencies to 9-1-1. IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY, IF SOMEONE HAS BEEN INJURED, OR IF A CRIME IS STILL IN PROGRESS, DIAL 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT use this form to report any "domestic violence" related incidents or crimes of violence. Please call our non-emergency number only if you must speak with the Police Desk Officer (973-256-0200).

The below web form is intended for reporting of NON-EMERGENCY police incidents that require a police report.

Non-Emergency incidents included, but not limited to:

  • Credit card theft or fraud
  • Identify theft
  • Lost or stolen property
  • Thefts not in progress
  • Harassment (Not domestic violence related)
  • Phone or internet scams
  • Civil disputes
  • Non-violent offenses
  • Damage reports
  • Criminal mischief
  • Ordinance violations
  • Any other non-violent incidents that do not require an immediate police response

If you are the victim of a crime or wish to make a report of an incident that does not involve an emergency or require an immediate police response and that occurred within Little Falls, you can complete and submit your report here. A Police Officer will NOT be dispatched to your location. An officer will contact you to follow up on your report. Your patience is appreciated.

Click here to file a report.

Last Updated: Mon, 02/28/2022 - 1:17pm