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Virtual Rec Center - Indoor Activities


Indoor Activities are a great way to have fun, build learning skills, and most importantly stay engaged during the quarantine.

What's Good In My Neighborhood - Workbook

Craft - Recycled Windchime

Learn From Home Program - Scholastic Books

Build Your Own - Composter

Fun Fashion Activities: Jewelry Making, Knitting, and More!

Read Along!

The Bravest Fish - Family (YouTube)

Rabbit Ears - Children's Read Along (YouTube)

No Place Like Home - Read Along (YouTube)

The Incredibles - Read Along (YouTube)

It’s Earth Day! By Mercer Mayer


13 virtual museums and galleries to tour

Virtual COVID-19 Friendly Field Trips Around the World

Traveling Around the World: Virtual Tours and Field Trips

Road Trip from Home: Virtual Field Trips - Fun and wonderful websites that will show you different parts of the world, famous landmarks, beautiful works of art, historic marvels, science adventures and so much more!


House Party - Free Video Chatting with Friends!

Full 360 Around MARS

Make Your Own Podcast!


GUIDED MEDITATION! – Email if you are interested in taking Virtual Zoom QiGong & Taijiquan Classes! Classes are free but Donations are accepted!

ZUMBA! – Join Karin Rodriguez for Zoom Zumba on Wednesdays at 7:30PM and Saturdays at 9:30AM! Email for more information! Classes are free but Donations are accepted!

HowToCook Recipes

Play Virtual Pictionary with your friends!

DIY + Home Organization Projects

The Spruce: Online resource for DIY

Quick Home Cooking Videos

Food Network: Cooking from the Pantry

Pratt Library Online

Cardboard Box Gardening

Netflix Party - watch Netflix and live chat with friends


“Call-In” Senior Citizen Trivia

Our Little Falls Senior Groups have been joining us for Senior Citizen “Call-In” Trivia every Tuesday and Wednesday for the past three weeks via phone call!

How It Works: Seniors would call the Recreation Department Office between certain hours of the day and would be asked a series of Trivia questions. Scores were tracked and records were kept and the Recreation Department had a few small prizes for the participants and a Grand Prize for the winner!

This small virtual gesture had our seniors brushing up on their Trivia skills and it was such a success that we will be doing a Round 2 in the weeks to come! If you are Little Falls senior citizen and would like to participate please contact the Recreation Department at (973) 256-3884.

Last Updated: Fri, 05/14/2021 - 10:14am