DRAFT Feasibility Study of the Peckman River Available for Public Review

The U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers has released their DRAFT Feasibility Study of the Peckman River for public review. After many years of input, we believe that the recommendations in the report are on point as to what Woodland Park and Little Falls have been asking for. The most significant pieces being the diversion culvert (tunnel) to move water out of the Peckman and into the Passaic River (south of Route 46) and bank stabilization upstream in Little Falls. We encourage all residents, especially those in flood hazard areas near the Peckman River, to review the entire report (it’s lengthy) and provide feedback to the Corps. within the 35 day comment period. While many have believed this project may never happen, we are truly one step closer than we have ever been. Please click on the following link to review the study

Peckman River Basin, New Jersey Flood Risk Management Feasibility Study - Revised Draft Integrated Feasibility Report & Environmental Assessment