Storm Update, September 7, 2021



Little Falls is working with FEMA to secure the Civic Center as the regional location for them to operate out of. We anticipate that FEMA representatives will begin working tomorrow, September 8th. It is anticipated that the hours of operation will be from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Please use the front entrance on Warren Street for access to the building. As more information becomes available, it will be disseminated.


The Town has secured Bleach (Donated by ShopRite) and Powdered Lime (Donated by Schumacher Chevrolet) which can be picked up from the DPW Yard during normal hours of operation.

Red Cross Buckets can be picked up from the DPW Yard during normal hours or at the Police Stations 24 hours per day. Additional cleaning supplies can be picked up from the Civic Center during normal operating hours as well.


The Little Falls DPW is continuing its clean-up efforts picking up trash and debris from the streets impacted by the storm. Please leave all items on the curb. The town is working to remove the dumpsters that have been placed town-wide.

Tomorrow’s Recycling Pickup is Cancelled!! The Town Contractor will be picking up damaged items as a result of the flood in the trucks scheduled to be in town.

The Township currently has a contractor clearing debris from the blocked bridges and another contractor in the Peckman River clearing the shoals and working to stabilize the banks.

Little Falls Police Department

The LFPD continue to have enhanced patrols areas to areas in town which were affected by the storm. There were approximately 30 vehicles that were towed by the LFPD, almost all of which were rendered inoperable as a result of flood damage.

Little Falls Fire Department

The LFFD assisted with 25 emergency evacuations (as well as four K9 rescues) using boats and a high-water vehicle. The Fire Department continues to assist with a growing number of pump outs assisting residents in all areas of town which exceed 30 pump outs to date.

Little Falls EMS

The Little Falls EMS crews responded to 18 calls for assistance which resulted in 11 transports to the hospital during the storm.

Building Department

The total estimated loss to homeowners in property damage is currently estimated to be $6.1 Million. There were 113 homes with minor damage reported (Less than $20,000). 35 Homes with substantial damage (Up to $50,000). About 11 more properties with severe damage (up to $600,000).

Other areas of Little Falls have severe damage such as a substantial sink hole, several brooks and steams, and commercial buildings.

Assistance with Damaged Personal Items

Following this storm, I have seen the suffering that the residents are going through firsthand. A list of local stores is attached who have agreed to assist residents and provide discounts.

Additional information will be posted on the Township Website as it is available. Also please sign up for email blasts from the township website.

A Town Hall is in the process of being scheduled to provide additional information for FEMA assistance.