Tropical Storm Isaias - Parking for Vehicles

The Township continues to monitor Tropical Storm Isaias as it approaches Little Falls. While no exact predictions exist at this time, if you are a resident in a low lying area of the Township affected by Peckman River events and you are looking for a higher elevation to park your vehicle during the storm event, you can utilize the Morris Canal Township parking lot or the School No. 2 parking lot.

Residents are also encouraged to prepare for the worst and remove any personal/sentimental items from areas of their homes subject to flooding. This is a circumstance where we are better off safe rather than sorry.

The Township has and will continue to monitor the Peckman River and has removed any debris to the extent possible.

Should you have any questions or concerns during the storm that are non-emergent requiring the Mayor, please contact him on his cell phone at 973-818-1790. If you have an emergency requiring police or fire assistance, please dial 911.