Taxes are due November 1, 2020

Fourth Quarter Tax Bills: Taxes are due November 1, 2020; Grace Period ends on November 10th.

Reconciled 4th quarter 2020/Preliminary 2021 tax bills were mailed.

The 4th quarter taxes are due November 1, 2020 with a 10-day grace period ending on November 10th. Interest of 8/18% will be retroactive back to November 1, 2020 if not received on Nov. 10th before 3:30 p.m. in Window drop box or in mail of Nov. 10th (postmarks are not accepted). Friday window drop box closes @ 12:30 p.m. All payments after these hours will be posted on the next business day!

The Tax Collector’s counter remains closed to the public at this time; therefore, payments can be made as follows:

  1. Tax Collector’s Window drop box (exterior of rear bldg./TAX PAYMENTS ONLY.). Please place tax payments in a sealed envelope marked “TAX COLLECTOR” with tax stub and check; NO CASH. Include self-addressed stamped return envelope if receipt needed.
  2. No fee for tax payments online (ACH e-checks only).; Tax Collector; PAY ONLINE TAXES HERE.
  3. Mail tax stub and check to:

Township of Little Falls
Attn: Tax Collector
225 Main Street
Little Falls, NJ 07424

Senior/Disabled Property Reimbursement Homeowner Verification forms shall be forwarded to the Tax Collector before deadline of November 2nd for her completing; allow two weeks before deadline or you can send in all your credentials before deadline! You may mail the one-page Homeowners Verification PTR-1A or PTR 2-A form(s) to the Tax Collector for completion or leave them in a sealed envelope in the Tax Collector’s window drop box during the timeframe above along with a self-addressed stamped return envelope. Please do not mail or leave the whole book in drop box. Kindly include your telephone # if any questions.