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Virtual Rec Center - Outdoor Activities


  • Enjoy the springtime bloom. Walk your dog, take a quick jog around your neighborhood and say hi (from a distance) to your neighbors who are outside too.
  • Take a walk down Little Falls’ freshly paved Main St. While on your walk or jog don’t forget to stop by all of the Local Businesses that we have missed visiting for so long!
  • When you want to get adventurous the Morris Canal and Wilmore Road walkways are open for a stroll. If you catch a beautiful day you will even get to see part of the water falls along your walk on the Morris Canal pathway!
  • Looking to get back on the courts and perfect that serve? Maybe a few extra practice swings in the batting cage? As of June 1st our Tennis Courts / Batting Cages at the Little Falls Recreation Center and are now open for play! As well as the Tennis Courts at Amity Park! Please visit the Recreation Page at to read about our Rules/Regulations that must be followed while in these public areas.


iNaturalist / Seek - An iNaturalist app for kids. Take pictures of species and receive badges.

Agents of Discovery - Augmented reality app for kids. Go on a mission outdoors and receive badges and rewards.

AllTrails - An app full of digital trail maps.

Creek Critters - An app that lets you document aquatic critters and water quality.

Stream Selfie - Take a selfie with a stream, fill out some information on the website, attach the photo and submit!

Merlin Bird ID - Digital bird guide that includes pictures and songs.

Celebrate Urban Birds - Pick an area where you can do a 10-minute bird survey each day for 3 days in a row, focusing on 16 target bird species. You can then submit your data to the website and it may be used in scientific research.

NestWatch - Monitor birds nest twice a week and share your results.

Last Updated: Mon, 10/05/2020 - 1:50pm