Little Falls Historical Society

Mission Statement

It is the Mission of the Little Falls Historical Society to collect, preserve, promote and interpret the social, artistic, commercial, political and cultural history of the Township of Little Falls, New Jersey; to support the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive registry of said history from the Township's earliest origins to the present day; and to expand the knowledge and understanding of said history through continuous research and evaluation of available materials.

The means by which this is to be accomplished are as follows:

  • Collect and preserve all relevant documents and photographs
  • Record for posterity the results of researched studies
  • Establish and maintain files that facilitate genealogical research
  • Support all reasonable requests for historical information from local residents, public schools, historians and other interested parties
  • Collect, preserve and exhibit relevant artifacts and archival materials
  • Develop and present educational programs for residents and students on the significance and importance of the history of the Township

Would you like to help Support your Historical Society?

Yearly family membership $10

To become a member, send $10
with your name, address and
telephone number to:
P.O. Box 1083
Little Falls, NJ 07424

Executive Board

John Veteri, Esq. - President
William Liess - Vice President
Peggy Olivi - Secretary
Vacant - Treasurer
Clifford Swisher - Historian
Catherine Brown
Arnold Korotkin
Joseph Sarafine
Robert Sikora
Anna May Walter
Helen Witecki


Victor Winkler - Editor

Coming Events

The Little Falls Historical Society posts its meeting notices on the Today's News page as well as the Township Calendar. Please check frequently for news of upcoming events.

Old Little Falls Photographs, Films, Postcards, Documents and more

The Little Falls Historical Society is actively looking for any pictures, films, postcards, letters, business records, deeds, newspapers, annual reports, political ads, family trees, family stories, or any type of historical documents pertaining to the Township of Little Falls to add to our collection. Items from the more recent past are also gladly accepted.

The Historical Society is trying to increase and expand its collection to preserve the history of the Township of Little Falls for generations to come. Please help us in this effort. The Society would prefer donations of original documents, however, we are able to scan/copy the pictures or documents and then return the originals to you.

If you have items to donate, please contact, Little Falls Historical Society President John J. Veteri, Jr., Esq. at 973-865-3040.