Township Administration

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Vincent Quatrone – Township Administrator

Through the divisions of the Department of Administration, the Business Administrator, under the direction and supervision of the Mayor, shall:

  1. Assist the Mayor in the preparation of the Township budget.
  2. Develop and enforce sound purchasing and personnel practices and procedures for all departments, offices and agencies of the Township.
  3. Supervise the administration of each of the departments established by ordinance, and for this purpose he shall have and exercise such duties and powers as are provided by the Charter.
  4. Prescribe and issue rules and regulations for the efficient management of the government, not inconsistent with the Charter and ordinances of the Township.
  5. Unless otherwise prescribed for by ordinance, make promotions for all employees and reestablish the salary level as a result of the promotion, pursuant to the salary ordinance established by the Council.
  6. Be responsible for the efficient management of his Department and have the general powers and duties of a department head as provided by Charter or by ordinance.
  7. Coordinate the operations and administration of departments, divisions, offices and agencies of the Township government.