Message from Police Chief Prall: Traffic Enforcement Improvements Coming to Little Falls

Dear residents, business owners, and visitors to Little Falls,

One of my highest priorities is to ensure that our community remains safe, and we maintain vigilance in the pursuit of violators of law. I’ve always taken a proactive approach with the enforcement of the state’s motor vehicle laws, and I am a firm believer that traffic enforcement deters dangerous driving behavior and improves roadway safety.

The most frequently received complaint from the public involves some manner of traffic related issue. In response to your concerns, we’ve implemented a new traffic complaint procedure. The form is available on our social media outlets (Facebook and Instagram) or at police headquarters. Our Community Policing unit will be disseminating the form at our many community events throughout the year.

Recently, our traffic safety section, in conjunction with our Department of Public Works, installed two permanent speed measurement devices with plans on adding two more fixed locations. In the past, we utilized a pedestrian safety grant through AAA and hope to continue that this year. As we continue to assess our community’s needs, we’ve identified another issue that many residents are concerned about; illegal parking.

Your officers in the police department work diligently to curtail these issues, however, are unable to be everywhere, all the time. In an effort to embrace technology that assists us in accomplishing our mission, we are pleased to announce the implementation of a new parking enforcement initiative. The Little Falls Police Department with the consent of Mayor Damiano has partnered with Municipal Parking Services (MPS) and is piloting five Safety Sticks throughout the township.

The MPS Safety Stick allows us to deploy automated enforcement capabilities to protect our no-parking areas, fire hydrants, and crosswalks. Yesterday, the devices were installed. We are expecting them to be activated within the next week so we can monitor our most problematic parking areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Upon completion of the Streetscape Project we will consider installing additional devices. As a reminder, please observe no parking signage and do not park within 25 feet of a crosswalk, within an intersection, within 10 feet of a fire hydrant, or within 50 feet of a stop sign.

Chief Bryan M. Prall
Little Falls Police Department