6 Week Virtual Fitness Program For Young Athletes and Adults

Little Falls Residents & Youth Athletes! We are EXCITED to announce that the Little Falls Recreation Department has partnered with Final Round Health & Fitness to bring to you our 6 Week Summer Virtual Fitness Program. Registration is now OPEN on Community Pass! $25.00 grants you access to the program portal where you can complete the 6 week journey in the comfort of your own home or backyard! #LFREC #FINALROUND #FITNESS

*Once registered for the program the link/discount code will be sent to you via email that will give you access to the 6 Week Fitness Program.

Description of the Program:

This will be a 6 week program with a total of 18 workouts. Throughout the 6 weeks we will be working on 3 things essential to all sports: Strength, Speed & Agility, and Recovery.

Each week you will be provided workouts for each category: 

  • Strength - These workouts will be all body weight and focused on strengthening the entire body. 
  • Speed and agility - These workouts are designed to help with coordination, balance, and reaction. We will use cones and ladders. 
  • Recovery - This will be full body and cardio based. The goal is to recover with proper movement while also improving overall flexibility 

A video description will be provided to explain how to perform each of the exercises properly as well as how to do every workout. A PDF will also be provided for your convenience.

A downloadable flyer is available from the link below.